Virtual Poster Sessions


Eye to I: Visual Literacy
Meets Information Literacy


Visual Literacy: The Truth is Out There

Teacher Preparation for Visual Literacy

Promoting the Development of Information Literacy Skills: A Problem-Based Learning Perspective Utilizing a WebQuest

Collaborating with Colleagues: Promoting Visual Literacy Across the Curriculum

Image Searching at Corbis: Using Language to Access the Visual

Visual and Information Literacy in the Study of Costume: Parallel Pedagogies

No One Taught Them the Rules

Is Seeing Believing? Visual Literacy and Web Evaluation

Embedding Information Literacy into a Visual Literacy Course

INFO220: Understanding Images: Researching Visual Messages

Using University Websites to Teach Visual Literacy

Reading Online Scholarly Content Through Students’ Eyes

Where Form becomes Function: The Application and Incorporation of Visual Literacy Principles to Instructional Design

Killing Two Birds with One Stone: An Information Literacy Lesson in Art History and Censorship for Non-majors

Visual Literacy to Visual Learning: Helping our Faculty and Students Transition to Learning in a Visual Environment

Analyzing Dynamics of Race and Racism with Information & Visual Literacy

Visual Information Literacy: Addressing Non-textual Information Needs Across Disciplines

Is a Picture Really Worth a Thousand Words?



  1. Li(Julie) Zhu said,

    I enjoyed all of the virtual poster sessions. I have many good examples in my information literacy classes (3 credts course) and I wish that I can write something about this topic.



  2. maryam asadi said,

    Thank you for very good posters.

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