INFO220: Understanding Images: Researching Visual Messages


In Spring 2006 we co-taught INFO220: Understanding Images: Researching Visual Messages, a 3-credit course with an enrollment of 22 undergraduate students. Students used images as the springboard for research in order to:

-Learn to “read” images and practice image analysis in order to evaluate images’ creation, use, and impact.

-Learn to formulate effective research questions and to research images using a variety of tools and resources.

-Develop fundamental research skills that they can apply to their academic, personal, and professional lives.

-Explore their roles as active consumers of images.

In this poster session we explore our learning outcomes for the course and the methods by which we tried to achieve them. We analyze the effectiveness of our methods and discuss alternative strategies for future incarnations of the courses while focusing on the development of student learning outcomes, assignment design, assessment of student learning, intersections of visual and information literacy, and ideas for course improvements.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn methods for structuring a 10 week information and visual literacy

  • Explore ideas for integrating visual literacy into a library research
    skills curriculum

  • Evaluate methods used by the instructors to achieve the learning outcomes
  • Presenters:

    Sara R. Seely
    Graduate Staff Assistant
    Odegaard Undergraduate Library

    Laura C. Barrett
    Undergraduate Services Librarian
    Psychology Librarian
    Odegaard Undergraduate Library



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